Location Volume Four features a collaboration between Minneapolis-based artists Jennifer Danos and John Fleischer. By subverting and combining their individual practices the artists produced a collaborative book of work that is at once both and neither Danos nor Fleischer.

Addressing themes of “time, change, doing/undoing, folding/unfolding and division/unification” the artists have manufactured a distinct abstract language -- specifically, the artists play with the minimalist notion of self-containment by using such bookmaking techniques as overprinting, paper-folding and rotating the viewing plane. Danos and Fleischer prioritized the “immediacy and presence of the object” while paralleling the language and vocabulary of formalist abstraction to symbolize identity and existence.

The artists scrutinized “visual edges” using subtle color variations, moire patterns, folding exercises and word play. Danos and Fleischer utilized the idea of holes in both space and knowledge to distort the reader’s perception of reality and being, calling attention to the vacillation between cerebral and visceral experience. The result is ostensibly an author-less shrine to visual poetry that exists within the confines of Volume Four.

Location Volume Four
Jennifer Danos
John Fleischer

case bound, oversewn, archival pigment ink prints
50 pages
one 8"x10"print

edition of 100